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When you choose cedar shakes and shingles in your building design, you're choosing a commitment to luxury and sustainability. Using wood products on your home is a form of carbon capture and provides an opportunity to plant new forests which will continue to filter carbon from our atmosphere for years to come. Wood is thermally efficient, easy to insulate and the only renewable building material on the planet. We select for the highest quality from start to finish, beginning with sourcing the best Western red cedar and Alaskan yellow cedar and finishing with superior shake and shingle products.

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Our products are made in Canada and we distribute across North America. Contact us to find a distributor near you.

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Generations of Craftsmanship

For nearly 50 years, Comox Valley Shakes & Shingles has been producing high-quality cedar shakes and shingles. After decades in the business, CV Shakes is still owned and operated by the Schmidt family. One thing that has never changed is our commitment to sourcing the best raw materials in order to craft the very best shake and shingle products possible. We are fortunate to have the most productive and quality-conscious craftspeople in the business.

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We are located in beautiful Campbell River, British Columbia on Vancouver Island.

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Our Story

How it's made: CVS Cedar shakes and shingles